Giving and receiving a hug can be the best medicine. They’re a powerful way to soothe the soul, overcome insecurity and chase away paralyzing fears.


How beautiful it is to get a hug that fills you from head to toe, lights you up, and makes you close your eyes, leaving you feeling complete to the very core of your being.
Why? Because a hug is a gesture that can break fears, build you up, strengthen bonds, relax you and help you stay calm. The warmth that we transmit with a sincere hug is comparable to the heat from the hearth because, after all, a hug makes you feel at home.
A hug, the best medicine to soothe the soul: Whatever may happen to us, feeling the warmth of someone we care about in a hug is essential for your well being and feeling better during hard times. It’s something really simple, but it can sometimes be hard to find.
„A small hug can dry many tears, a small word of kindness can fill you with happiness, and a little smile can change the world. It’s the little things that fill our world with peace and love…”
Hugging is a superpower that we all possess, a great healing remedy for heartache, disappointment, abandonment or betrayal. So whenever we can, we need to make use of the best anti-anxiety treatment available to us, the joy of love, a spell, a meeting of two bodies to express affection, companionship and warmth.
Hugs chase away fears: There’s truth in two souls embracing and offering each other the security to face obstacles, giving strength to deal with life’s problems, to lay down the solid foundations of our smiles.
These embraces help us to remember that we can overcome adversity and that we’re not alone. They fill us with joy. These squeezes can be given with such force that it feels like we’re going to break, but they’re actually building you up. Without a doubt, hugs are a special connection that relays a healing message. They’re the best therapy to renew feelings, calm the emotions and communicate to others and ourselves. Melting our bodies together in an embrace helps us to be more patient, to relax and feel wanted, all of which strengthens our self-esteem, self love and our ability to face difficulties and confront fears.


Hugging yourself is essential for survival: Have you ever calmed your emotions by giving yourself a hug? Could you feel the warmth? Have you congratulated yourself for your achievements? This intimate embrace is essential to be well nourished, to break out of your shell, get out of the cold and work on the art of self-love to get your closer to your authentic self.
„With self-hug, we open up to ourselves, we link the outside with the inside, and allow ourselves to be moved. It’s simple: Embrace yourself and you embrace your life.”
If you hug yourself, you love yourself. And if you love yourself, you know yourself. Pick your arms up and release your emotions to get closer to the good life. Thanks to self-hugs, we can protect ourselves from false love, dependence, excessive idealization and anything that impoverishes, weakens or diminishes our courage and goodness.
A hug causes sadness to flee the body: In many moments of our lives, these squeezes can make all the difference. As they say, sad eyes need less questions and more hugs, and sometimes that’s all we need.
When someone is going to die, they don’t regret hugging too much to transmit their energy and affection. At these times, we regret neglecting the people we love, having worked too much and not having offered signs of affection every day. This is a great lesson, we need to learn to hug ourselves more, then give and receive hugs when we need this vitamin to energize the body and mind. It’s something you’ll never regret.