If dark night
Suddenly turns to day,
What they say is,
Change has occurred.

And if sorrowful moments
Eventually becomes joyous,
There is nothing to avoid
Than to grab the change.

A maltreated prisoner,
Who later encountered freedom.
Grateful he would be
Because such change is rare.

She was barren,
And now, mother of seven.
God, she must glorify
For such change is miraculous.

Formally was a mosque,
But now, a home of Christians.
Speechless, everyone became
For such change is religiously cunning.

So huge the heap of refuse was,
Surprisingly, so massive the church is.
Silent we must be
For that change, only the redeemers can define.

Money they say makes the world rotate,
And by tomorrow, it drops like rain.
If millions, you get, that’s a mirage
For such change is an impossible change.

What if the airy earth
Stagily converts to hell?
Fire here, wailing there
Such change…

And what if the proletariat
Swirl and become the bourgeoisie?
That is the dream of the poor masses
But for the rich, nightmare of such change.

Change we want,
And again, change we don’t want.
Difficult it is
To accept some changes.
Just like a minister,
Who suddenly decided
To cover his religious face
With a kind of black veil.
He was rejected and neglected,
Even when he rested lifelessly
In the room below.
The change he wanted
Was not the change needed

                              Lekan Malik