Andre Birleanu  is a Russian-Romanian male model television personality known for his appearance on the Vh1 television show America’s Most Smartest Model.

Birleanu was born of Romanian and Russian parents. He is the only child of Vladimir Birleanu, a RussianAndreBirleanu-vi diplomat, and Carmen Bîrleanu, a Romanian diplomat.Birleanu was born in the Soviet Union, Moscow, but soon after moved and mainly was raised by his father with whom he travelled most of his life, as he was a diplomat under the soviet diplomatic corp. His father is a doctor and professor in International Criminal Law and his mother, who is deceased, worked for the United Nations in New York, USA. Birleanu arrived in New York in 1996, invited by his mother in search of a new life and education. He attended John Jay Criminal Justice Academy. He is fluent in English, Romanian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and still struggling with his native Russian as depicted on America’s Most Smartest Model.

The greatest thing about fashion is its ability to communicate trough beauty and perspective. Fashion to me is a language you cannot learn, you either understand it or not! Fashion gives life to clothes, to ideas, is the only freedom left on this planet, freedom of dreaming, expression, of hypnotizing your costumer. The fastest way to stardom, the only business with such global power in short time span, you are all slaves to us, to the ones that make fashion and are fashion and you know it!

Female models x Male models

There never will be enough time, money and fashion for women. Men are minimal even at their best, most top men fashion magazines for decades described the MAN, as a logical and practical breed, I can’t say what women magazines speak about women because I don’t read them, but statistics and numbers never lie,
or do they!?

The catwalks experiences

I have walked mostly the NYFW catwalks, were my attitude and walk would steal the job from the taller fellow competitors. Walked for Diesel, Keneth Cole, DKNY, Rocawear, Sean John, Pepe Jeans, Speedo, Parsons in front of Bill Clinton & Oscar DeLarenta, opened for Boy George and his clothing line. I’m 1,79 that’s 5’10 in USA, this I did just because they told me I couldn’t, I showed them otherwise!!

There isn’t much to say about backstage, it’s very crazy and busy, but there was this one time when I walked outside of the bathroom with my hand on my lower zipper and here it was Hillary Clinton and the Secret Service detail passing trough the hall .. she looks unfazed at me , then at my hands on my zipper, then at me again and says “well, Hello !” and 30 people suddenly kept walking. It was the time when Bill was at Parsons giving a speech in honor of DeLarenta who is a family friend for years.